Do Bosphorus Dinner cruises include pick up service from the hotels?

It depends on the specific Bosphorus dinner cruise you book. Some cruises do offer pickup and drop-off services from hotels, while others do not. If this is a service you require, it’s important to check with the tour operator or travel agent before making your booking to confirm if it is included or if it is an additional cost.

If the pick-up service is not included, you will typically have to make your own way to the departure point for the cruise. This may involve taking a taxi or public transportation, or walking if the departure point is within walking distance of your hotel.

Regardless of whether pick-up service is included or not, it’s always a good idea to check the location and timing of the departure point in advance, and plan your travel accordingly. This will help you arrive on time for the cruise and ensure that you don’t miss the boat!

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